Focus & Freedom Breaks


Really warm and welcoming. Put me at ease to be open and honest. Respectful of my choices and where my boundaries might be. They explained everything we did/covered in ways I understood, or continued until I understood. They were respectful of my feelings and needs and had an amazing ability to hear accurately from God and to summarise with me what’s been going on. How and why as well as giving me tools to go away with. Ministry: I think it will be a longer term realisation of changes I see as a result of this time but at the moment I feel equipped, encouraged and free to move on and try out some of this new found freedom. It’s made a lot of sense and i have a lot to contemplate. – December 2019

I found Helen and Steve immediately welcoming, warm and accepting. They were sensitive to my needs and managed the pace and agenda intuitively. I found them wholly comfortable to be with and they complement one another incredibly well as a team. Ministry: They each had their own strengths and attributes that worked together so well to deliver a symbiotic and synergistic blend of therapy and coaching that catered perfectly to my needs. They had the ability to identify the important points, sifting them from the volume of my words and always safely managed the course of the ship as we navigated toward the destination and a safe landing/mooring. – October 2019

Excellent. I was genuinely uncertain about coming to Devon; and did so mainly at the instance of my wife (who previously attended). I am amazed at their perception, intelligence, spirituality and insight. They make a great team: Helen was compassion and emotion, Steve with cutting through and keeping it on track. Ministry: I believe they are great/brilliant. In a way I knew God’s will and what to do; but they helped me to focus on my reason to sabotage/prevent God’s clear calling. – March 2018

Helen and Steve are just wonderful. Compassionate, caring and lovely. They made me feel so comfortable, welcome and safe. Ministry: I have found the ministry of Helen and Steve to be anointed and therefore highly significant. They marry following the leading of the Holy Spirit and their years of wisdom beautifully. I felt understood and valued and was very effectively led in conversations with God that resulted in clarity, revelation and freedom. Thank You! – October 2018

Excellent. I was genuinely uncertain about coming to Devon; and did so mainly at the instance of my wife (who previously attended). I am amazed at their perception, intelligence, spirituality and insight. They make a great team: Helen was compassion and emotion, Steve with cutting through and keeping it on track. Ministry: I believe they are great/brilliant. In a way I knew God’s will and what to do; but they helped me to focus on my reason to sabotage/prevent God’s clear calling. – March 2018

They were sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Steve had a wonderful ability to pick up the issues I had and explain what he was hearing from me. Helen was able to say what was going on through that issue. Helen was very “in tune” with me and I felt she really understood me. They both displayed love, care and concern for my welfare throughout. Ministry: they have provided us with keys and hope in our marriage. They have enabled us to see issues that were a hindrance to our communication as a couple. They assisted us to find our blockages and remove them, so that we can communicate in a healthy way with each other. – October 2017

I did not always hear what was trying to be communicated which triggered some of my buttons but actually empowered me to face some of my issues. Sometimes I was not sure what I was trying to say was understood because of my inability to express feelings. Ministry: my operating system was updated by Holy Spirit’s guidance of Steve and Helen helping me to recognise and receive healing in key areas of childhood sections, feelings and traumas. – October 2017

Steve and Helen enabled me to feel loved and honoured, all the time. They heard me and got me. I was able to open up very easily. When I did not understand something, we would practice it straightaway. I felt comfortable in saying “I don’t know”. The love of the Lord shone through these 2, the listening to Him for me was really helpful. It was as if He truly was in the room, which of course He was! Ministry: I did not fill in this form for a month because I wanted to see the effectiveness and I am, bit by bit. I started with apprehension, but being obedient to letting God lead me, letting Him say what He wants, getting out of my head and into my gut, these things are changing. I am changing. Way to go yet, as have repressed much. Very happy and peaceful to be in process and in God’s timing. My trust in God is so much better; honouring me as me has improved; awareness of the tools and revelations is real. – August 2017

Steve and Helen treated me with love, respect, genuine friendship, openness, honesty and compassion. Ministry: What a team! Steve and Helen work so well together to teach, to pray, to impart wisdom and to minister God’s amazing love. I’m so grateful for the way they are listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompts through the whole session. – August 2017

They were so welcoming, so friendly, so open to me, not judgemental. Ministry: working with them both, created different perspectives and insights into what God was saying or what I had been experiencing, allowing me to ‘step out’ and look around. – June 2017

They treated me very well, very welcoming, very warm, considerate and friendly. Ministry: very helpful indeed. Really helped me get to issues I would not have otherwise. Thankyou!!! – June 2017

They are such a warm and welcoming couple and we felt very at ease with them. There is a real genuine and vulnerable side to them which makes one want to share! We loved the fire and their hospitality! The atmosphere they create really enabled us to share openly and quickly and to trust them as they helped us gain more of an understanding of God and ourselves. Ministry: we both found it to be very effective-although I suppose the fruit is yet to come!! There feels like a complete shift in our understanding of why we are the people we are and how to relate. We found both Helen and Steve to be very wise and gentle in their advice and leading. Their experience and understanding was invaluable and we appreciated their openness and honesty about their own journey. There is still work to do but it was a great start. – April 2017

I was welcomed and treated with unwavering kindness, gentleness, love and care. Steve and Helen are among the few that I know I can trust the vulnerable with. Ministry: TRANSFORMING! I am feeling confident in growing in is self control over how I process the emotional aspects daily life with Jesus in the centre. I was educated, equipped and encouraged put these tools into practice during the time we had together. It is my personal hope to support the work of this Ministry, until then, I will keep on spreading the word and recommendation. – April 2017

Both Steve and Helen were incredibly sensitive, kind, caring and unrushed. I felt totally at ease as soon as I entered the cosy room. The whole time I felt safe and able to share anything with them. Their love of the Lord shines through the whole time. Ministry: I felt stuck in many different areas but after the weekend I feel so much better. Closer to God and with a new sense of freedom. – March 2017

Steve and Helen treated me as God’s own angels ministering on this earth and could not have been more welcoming, generous, hospitable and supportive. Ministry: carefully and clearly explained the ‘paradigm’ used for counselling as well as the prayers developed for clearing issues and releasing them to Jesus. They provided great support in demonstrating how to use the prayers to release problems. – March 2017

Helen was very understanding and made me feel it was a safe place to be open and honest. Ministry: helped to drill down where the issues were and suggested solutions/next steps I could take. – October 2016

Steve and Helen treated me with understanding, empathy and care, were very kind, thoughtful and insightful. Ministry: it was very useful to discuss/talk through these issues with Steve & Helen. Thank you for your continued love and support. – October 2016

Steve and Helen were very kind, thoughtful and insightful. They were respectful of sensible boundaries but also helped me push through some personal barriers. Ministry: very effective. I learnt a lot, had impactful experiences with God and have methods to work with in future! – July 2016

I was treated with wisdom, warmth, compassion and understanding. Helen and Steve were non-judgemental and gave of themselves and shared about their own lives where it was helpful. The love and care was palpable and I was able to open up and share at a deeper level than I have with anyone else. Ministry: greater intimacy with Jesus through greater freedom in dialoguing with Him. Greater understanding of myself. New perspectives. Some correction of wrong Bible understanding. I was deeply blessed and inspired by their Bible knowledge. This is a couple who know their God! – June 2016

Helen and Steve were warm, kind, friendly and compassionate. They related to me as friends and “fellow pilgrims”. I felt no fear, embarrassment or shame in opening up. They were constantly encouraging and generous with both their time and their hearts. I’m very grateful to have received from them. Ministry: this has been an immensely fruitful and worthwhile time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m returning home with a new level of peace. I’m also going home with tools and equipped to continue the journey. It has been very empowering. I love Steve and Helen’s openness to the Holy Spirit and the leading of the Lord – this is the reason their ministry is so effective. I feel equipped and inspired to draw closer to the Lord and I’m looking forward to all the conversations we are going to have! – May 2016

A high standard of professional respect, integrity, skill, honesty and openness. Compassionate and focused listening skills. Spiritual wisdom and experience in life shared honestly and appropriately. Deeply prayerful, prophetic and biblically grounded with genuine and real honesty about life and it’s struggles. Ministry: I appreciated the honest, frank interaction; the biblical foundation; the wide life experience freely shared; the complementary partnership between Steve and Helen. All expectations that I had at the start of the week have been addressed and met. – February 2016

Steve and Helen were kind and caring and both listened to me. Their accommodation was both clean and comfortable. There was flexibility in taking a drink and a break. The time was relaxed and we all laughed too! Ministry: Steve and Helen took me back to the basis of my faith and helped me to re-think my relationship with God and how to relate to Him and to hear from Him. God showed His love and forgiveness through pictures/visualisations during prayer. It was great and releasing. I feel further forward now to be able to stand on my own, but also with the help of others in my Christian faith. Sale of my flat during my time with you both. Amazing. And a better offer! – January 2016

I felt loved and appreciated. They listened and showed that they had heard and understood what I had said, even shedding light on things I didn’t realise I had conveyed. It all felt relaxed and unpressured and I didn’t feel they had an agenda. When I didn’t share the same theological views as them it didn’t get in the way but they accommodated my beliefs. They kept no secret knowledge and shared the decisions with me. Ministry: Not only did they help me see and face specific issues that I couldn’t face on my own but they showed me how to use the tools they had given me in the future. This is more valuable than a ‘quick-fix’ approach. I am sure I will see lasting change as a result. – December 2015

Helen & Steve have treated me with kindness, with dignity, with sensitivity and with God’s leading. They have listened to me as an intellectual adult, who can understand and wants to understand detail in leading to recovery. They have sought God, and heard me and then gone on a journey with me, that is unique to me and what God is saying, I have felt welcomed, safe, understood, loved, brought to Jesus. Ministry: I wish I had a greater vocabulary to express the effectiveness of Steve & Helen’s ministry this weekend. I came feeling quite hopeless and with too many unknowns about my life and purpose. I go away after 3 days, feeling hopeful, with questions answered about my life and with a feeling of purpose. This is effective in itself, but I go home well equipped with how to maintain all that I’ve learnt and all that God’s done. I go home with teaching, prayer aides, notes, verses, prophecies, my original design and a shift in my spirit, heart and mind that I know how to keep like that through the journey I’ve been on with Steve & Helen. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am. – November 2015

Very welcoming and kind. Never felt uncomfortable or judged. Everything went at my pace. Ministry: They were very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I had felt a bit bogged down by the teaching at the end of the 2nd day so when I voiced that the final session was much more active and I received a lot from them. Thank you. – November 2015

I was treated with compassion, empathy and professionalism. Skilful and wise with the intertwining of helpful practical counselling and a spiritual emphasis. Helpful priority on specific prayer for problem areas/issues with incorporation of the Spirit. Ministry: very positive after receiving the ministry, excellent blending of helpful scriptures with good behavioural practice. Good to receive a blue folder as a reminder and active tool for the future road to full recovery. – October 2015

Steve & Helen treated/related to me with love, compassion, understanding and sensitivity. They were also honest, caring and their expertise is exceptional. Ministry: Steve & Helen’s partnership with each other and God is beautiful which resulted in extremely effective ministry. Their experience, professionalism yet warmth and love allows space for honesty and openness. I feel Steve & Helen’s dedication to helping during the session is great but also their heart to provide practical tools, ideas, resources, scriptures etc. to continue walking in freedom once I have left Bespoke is truly wonderful and reveals the heart of God. – October 2015

The ministry team were very kind and gentle. The main topic was an area that I’ve never shared before with anyone and they made it easy for me to open up and trust them. Ministry: has definitely helped me to receive freedom. They didn’t just minister to me but provided me with the tools to continue to walk in freedom. – October 2015

I was treated with kindness and wisdom. Helen and Steve are quick to understand, create a safe space and gently guide you through a journey of self-discovery. Ministry: I’m going away knowing root issues have been broken and with tools to walk into greater and greater strength and freedom to be the person I’m created to be. – September 2015

I was treated as family with prophetic insight, great wisdom and counsel. They helped me identify areas of weakness and turned what I perceived to be a ‘mountain’ to a ‘molehill’. Ministry: Absolutely thorough. They asked great questions, were co-operative with as far as I wanted to go [which was to the edge of the world and beyond] and for that did not leave a stone unturned. – September 2015

Steve & Helen treated me with honour, gentleness, patience, love and respect. Helped me face things I was afraid to or didn’t even know how to. Breaks were always well timed. There was no pressure to go where I didn’t want to go and they were always pointing me to Jesus to find answers and hear Him and what He was wanting me to do. They understood where you come from as they had been at the receiving end of ministry. You felt they were experienced and nothing shocked them but were open and honest sharing how they had overcome things too. Ministry: I felt much lighter like a great load has been lifted off my shoulders. Stuff that was making me feel tired because I didn’t know I was carrying it. I feel more full of energy and joy. I feel like I have new tools and weapons to fight with. Like my inner being feels a cleaner, brighter, happier place to be and that I am comfortable in my own skin. More excited about life and living it!! Thank you Steve & Helen. – August 2015

Steve and Helen made me feel welcome and at ease. They felt safe. They were understanding and perceptive. They listened to God for me and described pictures God had given them for me. I felt valued. Ministry: Steve & Helen helped me hear from God, which was exactly what I hopped for. They helped me pray through issues. I feel equipped to do so on my own now. They highlighted key attitudes in me that need transformation. All in a safe and secure loving atmosphere. THANK YOU. – June 2015

Steve & Helen were great. I felt very well looked after and felt privileged to be ministered to by them. I found it easy to communicate with them. Ministry: I came because I found that I had come to an impasse in life. I felt that I was working really hard to achieve very little in all areas of my life. Steve & Helen have been incredible at using their wisdom and skills to get me to look at and understand a whole heap of stuff about the ‘dreaded’ emotions! I feel excited and equipped for the next level. Thank you both so much. – April 2015

Steve & Helen treated me very well and were lovely to me all the way through. They have a real heart for God’s people to be helped. I am very grateful to them for their time and help. They related so well. Ministry: I could understand what they were saying. In the past I have been confused and not always understood but Steve and Helen put it in such a straight forward way I now feel I can go home and put it into practice myself. Thank you. – October 2014

I felt so comfortable and at ease. A very non-judgemental and safe environment. The fact they shared about how they’ve been where I am and been so open about their own lives helped me to feel calm too. At the beginning of every day they shared how they had been praying for me before, so I feel it showed their genuine care and love. Ministry – effective in that they taught me skills and tools to meet with God about these issues and show me how I can do them with God wherever. They really led me to be led by Jesus. Ultimately guiding me to God’s opinion and desire by myself is the best outcome! From being terrified I was able to feel free to meet Jesus, and actually enjoy the process. – September 2014

Beautifully, humble and very gifted and gracious couple. Steve & Helen have such a gift to value, honour and understand you. This has by far been the best ministry experience for me that has redeemed other experiences. A wonderful and godly couple – which I aspire to be when I grow up! Ministry – Very effective!! In such a short space of time dealt and redeemed painful memories and the joy of my salvation has been restored. I came with a hope and expectation to meet beautifully and powerfully with Jesus and it went beyond my wildest expectations. What an anointing God has given Steve & Helen to reveal the truth and freedom of Jesus in just being present in the room and creating a safe space. – July 2014

I was treated with respect, love and gentleness. They were warm and welcoming and appropriately vulnerable that allowed me to be open. They empathised and understood and were able to ask delicate or challenging questions in a loving pressure-free way. Ministry: These few days have been part of my healing and my journey. I feel equipped with the knowledge to keep moving forward and confident in using the process I was shown. God has spoken to me, healing has begun, God is moving and I’m so grateful for the time and space and freedom to talk and listen to God, for the permission to ask Him hard questions and tell Him how I feel. Thank you.– July 2014

They led with confidence. Clear explanations and reiterated when needed. Thoughtful and welcoming. Checked that I was okay throughout ministry time. Approachable.-Ministry they led and prompted very gently yet honestly. At any time I could have stopped which they did offer but also encouraged me to continue if I could. Gentle and considerate. – April 2014

Related very empathetically, immediately establishing our ‘level’ of language, experience and foundation so as to relate /communicate at our level. We were always treated with gentleness, kindness and love, really. We’ve never met Steve & Helen P before but it was like they were long time mentors! Ministry – Lovely couple; worked seamlessly together. Open in sharing and building our confidence, empathy and trust in them.. Valued as people loved by God, It was amazing how the Lord led me into memories as a child where bullying had taken place. Helen & Steve helped me find release and direction and forgiveness. I had not realised how damaging to my thinking and behaviour these incidents had affected my life. Through Christ I am released! Praise God! – April 2014

Helen and Steve were very sensitive in their ministry and related well to how I was feeling and praying with them has encouraged me to seek God more and trust Him as I move forwards in healing and under God’s wings. Ministry – was effective in helping me seek God and tell Him how I felt without feeling judged, and helped me to see how much I am loved by God and that He is with me in this difficult and painful time. They helped me to put to rest anxieties and fears from the past in order for me to move forward in God’s love and path for my life. – March 2014

Warm, welcoming, friendly, positive, encouraging, bringing hope. They explained things and didn’t mind when I had questions or needed clarification. Patient. Created a safe environment. Prayerful. Gentle. Flexible. Gave direction but went at my pace. Good communicators. Rooted in the bible. They modelled hearing God and taught me to hear Him more clearly and with more confidence. I was glad to have listened to the teaching tapes before I came. Very helpful, in that I had heard some of the teaching and felt I knew Steve & Helen. Ministry – Steve & Helen explained things clearly and worked with me till I understood. They patiently led me through various steps and stages, allowing me to pause, and teaching me how to ask Jesus to show me His truths. I have grown enormously in my understanding and feel that I might tentatively begin to use some of the tools I have acquired. Time will tell what difference the new freedoms and healings will make for me as I continue my walk with Jesus. I am thrilled and inspired to have been with these people who live and breathe God’s word. I arrived feeling hope-less. I leave feeling that there is hope. – November 2013

I’ve never met two people who are so unconditionally loving and non-judgemental. Anything I have said has been heard and really listened to. I’ve always expected people to judge me and when it continually hasn’t happened, it’s been really astonishing to me and given me glimpses of how God truly sees me. I’m amazed how God brought two people into my life who can truly empathise and relate to my struggles.[Only people who I’ve ever found who can!] Ministry – they are so in tune with God and His Spirit that they know exactly which is the best route to take and the pace to go at. Because of this I have found their ministry to be very effective whilst being extremely sensitive and gentle. I’m convinced that this w/e will be the start of a completely new walk into freedom, with me focussing on God’s truths as my foundation. –  August 2013

Amazingly there was so much gentleness and love expressed through the way they spoke and guided me through things and I felt accepted through-out. Sharing a bit of their own journey also made it easier to relate. They weren’t ‘know it all’ teachers but friends helping through a similar journey. Ministry – It’s been really affirming and encouraging and I feel lighter and free-er now, straight after we’ve finished. It feels like this is going to be a life-changing period as I dwell on and begin to live out all God has challenged and spoken to me about. Thank you – it’s been amazing! –  June 2013

You always treat me with great love, understanding and compassion. You make me feel so safe! I couldn’t go to these deep [and difficult] places without feeling so safe – Thank you! Ministry – what can I say? Each of the words you gave me from God resounded fully in my heart. I encountered the Holy Spirit in a new and fantastic way so that my walk with God will be better forever. My own heart feels healed and released into more truth. I am looking forward to living out those replacement blessings in my life, and also to seeing how they affect our whole church! So grateful for your massively effective ministry. THANK YOU! – February 2013

I was treated very well. Steve & Helen explained everything and guided me through areas that I was unsure of. They assisted me in seeing things from a different perspective. Ministry – very effective. I was encouraged to hear God for myself and I now know how to utilise the prayer aide with regards to ‘closing’ any ‘open doors’. –  January 2013

Steve & Helen created a relationship in which I felt totally safe. During the whole weekend I felt accepted and never judged. Both Steve & Helen communicated warmth and care, and the level of attention given, both face to face, and seeking God on our behalf was amazing. Their authenticity and genuineness is very evident. Ministry – Steve & Helen are highly discerning and seem to have the ability to highlight areas of key relevance.They seem very open to spotting God’s leading and therefore I am going home with key areas in which I have a way forward with God. Huge amounts have been brought into focus in the space of a weekend. I have been given a great opportunity, the longer term outcome of which will be influenced by my own commitment to it. –  September 2012

I felt cared for. I was quite anxious initially, but I needn’t have worried. I felt ‘listened to’ and Steve & Helen seemed very quick to understand what I told them. The words they had for me seemed to fit and added to the process. I felt safe and able to share without reservation. Ministry – It’s clearly too early to say what practical impacts this will have on my life. However, I feel quite positive that I have enough knowledge and the tools to put a lot of what was discussed into practice. I’m certain there will be some change, both in my work life and also in my home and church life. –  October 2012

Bespoke by name bespoke by nature. Steve & Helen listened carefully and directed the ministry to respond to us. They have an incredible capacity to allow people to feel both safe and significant. Ministry – Extremely effective. Many ‘teaching ‘ elements were communicated clearly and concisely. Guided prayer was handled extremely sensitively. I was surprised by the power and emotion that Jesus worked with. Steve & Helen are gifted in helping us open up to him. Would definitely come again and recommend to others!! –  September 2012

Both Helen & Steve were very professional in their approach, they explained in detail their background and bespoke, which gave me a greater understanding of what I was coming into. They were both very sensitive throughout the sessions and made me feel at ease instantly, enabling me to engage more effectively within the sessions. I felt very encouraged throughout the sessions. I really feel they tailored the weekend to meet my and my husband’s needs. It felt like they were both there to serve us fully. Ministry – I found the times very effective. At first I was nervous about what it would entail, however Helen & Steve clearly explained the process throughout my time in a non-threatening manner and took me through each stage. The guided prayer sessions I found extremely powerful and felt it enabled me to meet with Jesus in a new and fresh way, the simple tool has been powerful to help me identify what is in the way of my living in the freedom God intends for my life. I found the true identity and belief being prayed over me very powerful. –  September 2012

Steve & Helen are very kind and have a wonderful ability to make you feel at ease and at home despite the fact that you may have come to deal with difficult things. ‘Gentle yet effective’ is the best way to describe how they related to me, and this was just what I needed along with their personal kindness and care. Ministry – has been very effective – I expected it to be – because God brought me here! but I felt like I was coming to deal with something ‘big’ and ‘unknown’ and just how wonderfully the team & ministry with God has helped me and dealt with the issues has exceeded expectations. – June 2012

Very gentle, sensitive, led by the Spirit, encouraged me, helped me to discern God’s will. Ministry – brilliant. Able to meet me where I was at every day. – June 2012

Steve & Helen were very good at listening and giving me space to talk as well as being very encouraging and uplifting. Ministry – Steve & Helen were great facilitators for God to speak. Their faith in God that he will talk to each pain, hurt, belief etc boosted my faith that he would talk. They taught me how to help others without it being a burden on me, but instead to be letting God do the talking to others. I have used those skills since I’ve left and seen God move powerfully in others’ lives. And I feel a lot freer myself. – April 2012

Both Steve and Helen were very welcoming and respectful. They met me where I was at each day – without putting expectations on me. Ministry – AMAZING! Great at guiding but also great at letting Jesus do His thing! Very encouraging when we all three get the same sense from God – without conferring first! – October 2011

So grateful for the gentle, loving way Steve & Helen guided me. I felt understood, valued, honoured and in no way judged. I felt I could be totally open and honest. They explained everything clearly with warmth, compassion and humour. I love the way that God spoke through them and their words had great insight and accuracy. Just what I needed! Ministry – I feel equipped and empowered to pursue my walk with Jesus in greater intimacy and freedom. I feel freer, lighter in spirit with excitement and confidence for what may come next. I feel I better understand why I have been so adrenaline fuelled and now have some practical tools to help me as I continue to walk close to Jesus. –  July 2011

Steve and Helen were lovely and gentle in the way they ministered and we laughed a good few times as well. Ministry – this was a very significant few days and I look forward to enjoying the fruit of new blessings and freedom. I am most grateful for the Lord’s love and provision. –  June 2011

Very friendly, helpful and relaxed. Easy to be honest with. Ministry – Fantastic. Thank you. You allowed God to guide and speak and were brilliant at prompting me in the right direction. Great team work! Keep it up!  –  June 2011

Steve and Helen were warm, compassionate and kind. They made me feel relaxed and at home. They were very encouraging and I felt ‘honoured’ by them. They were exceedingly generous with their time. Ministry – both the structure and fluidity of the ministry resulted in extremely effective ministry. They led me well – empowered me to walk my own journey with God, but were discerning, wise and encouraging companions along that journey. – April 2011

In a sensitive, kind and non-judgemental way. A safe and friendly atmosphere was always created and it never felt rushed in any way. The sessions were informative, constructive, truthful and powerful. God and the Holy Spirit were always honoured and put first. The breaking of soul ties, generational curses and ungodly beliefs were powerful, restorative, healing and most helpful. Helen and Steve are amazing people, in-tune with God and sensitive to the Spirit. They are also very personable and know how to make you feel at ease. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you. –  Jan 2011

Churches & Retreats

Absolutely amazing. It was more of confirming of God’s love for me and Helen & Steve were the vessel for that! It has been a really effective time. I have rested which was exactly what I needed. – October 2014

As a church leader I have found my days away on retreat, since October 2010, invaluable. The love and care I have received have been wonderful and God has ministered to me everytime I have been. The annex is quiet and calm and a real oasis in a busy people-filled life, and Helen’s wisdom and insight have helped me greatly. – February 2013

Steve and Helen’s unique blend of counselling, prayer ministry and life coaching has been invaluable for a number of people in our church, both for leaders seeking to grow and for people in all kinds of difficulties. They provide skills, passion and context for significant breakthrough in individual’s lives. – Jon and Jo Soper, leaders Exeter Network Church June 2012

“Rivendell, Steve and Helen and God make a great combination!  Having used the ‘annex’ for a day retreat, top and tailed with one to one sessions, I would highly recommend what Steve and Helen have to offer.  It is a profound mixture of being loved, personal space and great challenge – which is exactly what I’ve experienced whilst there.”–  Jan 2013


Thank you so much for today. It’s been great and just what we’ve needed. I think it will go a long way… –  February 2013

You mentioned a number of times during the course that you were not professional conference speakers and I felt this was a real benefit. The style you both portrayed was one of relaxed homeliness. If you were to come across as slick presenters you would have given too much of a marketing feel and would have lost the personal touch. Instead you came across a normal folk with a heart for Jesus and a yearning to see His Kingdom thrive in people’s lives. – March 2012

“Steve and Helen spent a day with a group of leaders from our Church leading a practical workshop, teaching on prayer ministry and then a series of one to one sessions with those who wanted it.  It was a rich time, full of the Holy Spirit!” –  Spring 2012

Counselling & Coaching

“‘I have known Steve for a few years, he has supported me though some very challenging things in my life. Steve is caring, compassionate, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable in many areas. I think of him as a great friend, who I feel comfortable to share life’s trials and tribulations with without feeling judged or embarrassed over. I would highly recommend Steve to others.” –  2013

“You are such a warm and understanding person and I felt privileged and extremely encouraged by you so many times this year. Thanks for being with me in our discussions of very personal pain. I have learned much from you. Some of your techniques have impacted greatly” – Post graduate professional

“It has been a privilege to have known you. I would not hesitate to come to you for counselling and recommend you. I feel you have great skills”  – Drug rehabilitation specialist

“You’ve been a real inspiration to me. I was able to talk about really painful things and you were great” – Child protection officer

Marriage & Relationships

They were respectful – emotional and physical boundaries; listened – to each of us and God; involved – themselves with us; honesty – opened their own lives respectfully; helped – us to make progress in ALL the areas needed; discerned – what the Holy Spirit was saying; taught – us valuable relational principles; gave – us hope, their time, their full commitment. Ministry: early days but clear evidence of relational communication; hope for restored emotional and physical intimacy; restored hope in growing trust; restored/initiated purpose for our marriage; using new tools, learned to deal with ‘stuff’; enjoying adult to adult communication. –  September 2016

They were friendly, warm and approachable and welcoming. Steve was sensitive from the first meeting and showed concern for our comfort. I felt I was in a very safe place. Ministry: I feel I have the tools necessary to work towards a healthy marriage. I have been given areas where I know I can work on and how I can work on them with the notes and teaching. –  September 2016

Steve and Helen were very welcoming, kind and warm. They were really flexible and willing to facilitate our son – doing sessions with us whilst he was there. Helen was very empathetic, recognising hard/difficult situations I’d journeyed which helped me engage emotionally with those memories/situations. Ministry: I gained insight into the areas I wanted breakthrough in, heard from God and processed some, therefore it was effective. I have tools and a framework for understanding which means I can keep journeying. –  July 2016

I felt valued, respected and listened to by Steve and Helen. They have a very natural and warm paternal/maternal nature which really put me at ease. I felt they made an effort to understand me and also to make sure they were understood as clearly as possible. I felt as though there was no sense of judgement from them. Ministry: the time and space that Steve and Helen facilitated enabled God to lead me to places in my life and past that I’ve never really known or previously processed. Their combination of pastoral, professional and prophetic skills meant the time I had with them was really effective. I feel equipped to implement new habits to bring about lasting change in my life. –  July 2016

Steve and Helen were welcoming and kind – their openness and easy manner made us feel at ease. They patiently discerned and explored our needs. They created an approach that gave room to fully discover roots and find God’s truth and freedom. They were clear in expectations, and always gave permission to us to speed up, slow down. Ministry: we both discovered some fundamental lies/beliefs that have impacted us negatively and received truth to now walk out personally and together. We’ve received new blueprints on how to view our relationship together. – January 2016

Very good; we’ve grown and been taught so much and been safe to share our fears. Ministry: they listened and didn’t shoehorn us to go in a particular way but encouraged us to listen to God. We’ve learned that relationship with God, not formula, is the most important thing. As we follow Him He brings resolution. – January 2016

“Steve & Helen related to us with respect and understanding. Ministry: Very effective. They gave us hope, encouragement and direction. They pointed us towards God for His comfort and direction.” – July 2015,

“Hospitable and friendly, kind and honourable. Extremely knowledgeable in counselling an discerning issues and putting things into words that were easily understood. Ministry: Both were attuned to our issues and gave good tools to use as a template for other issues. I had one session alone concerning childhood issues and this was dealt with sensitively and with the Holy Spirit guiding and bringing release. My wife and I came away feeling refreshed and more able to discuss and solve issues in our marriage. We will recommend them to other people.” – July 2015

“Kindness, respect and consideration were evident in all they did. I felt free to ask questions and that nothing was too much trouble. We were made to feel comfortable and that our welfare was very much their concern. Ministry: Good communication of truth. Perceptive and encouraging. Supportive. They have given us lots of tools and the titles of several books so we can continue to work on needs identified during ministry, Really helpful – thank you – I’m going for it!” – July 2015

“Excellent – patient, wise, kind, helpful, sensitive. Ministry: very helpful and encouraging.” – July 2015

“They related to us as individuals with upmost dignity and respect, in a very real and practical way. They demonstrated a very real understanding and competence in their ministry. A very sensitive and loving approach. Unassuming, great flexibility to cater to individual needs. Ministry: very effective. We feel equipped with new tools to work on the issues we are facing. Very healing as light has been shed on our circumstances, giving us a new and empowering perspective.” – May 2015

” They treated and related to us well. Ministry: a very positive input, polite. “ – April 2015

” They treated us really well, with honour and respect. They imparted truth and life to us. Ministry: very effective. They helped us see the value of reflecting each other’s words to understanding the feelings underneath. They imparted life and truth to us!” – June 2014

” They treated us with respect, kindness, understanding, compassion in a non-judgemental way. A Jesus way. Ministry: very clear teaching, which will be helpful. Great discernment and connection to the Holy Spirit in leading past experience healing counselling. Great tools to take away and use. A real hope again for our marriage and a re-connect with Jesus. A real blessing.” – September 2013

“We were treated with incredible care, gentleness and openness. Steve & Helen both communicated so clearly and were so accurate in their prophetic words and pictures for us. I felt safe and very comfortable to be open and honest. Ministry: the first night when they shared pictures they had for us before meeting us were incredible! Spot on. I felt their ministry was very accurate and managed in such a way it gave plenty of room for them to be led by the Spirit.” –  September 2013

“They are a very warm and caring couple who make you feel listened to. They only interject when they have an important point to make. They are wonderful hosts making one feel very relaxed and at home. They are both very postive and encouraging even when I was at my lowest. I felt they brought very different skills and understanding to the ministry time. Ministry: It was a very positive time covering some very diffficult and painful issues. They all were handled very sensitively and had a positive outcome. Some we will need to carry on working through with the tools we have been given. It has been a very positive time with many areas of our lives having been helped and moved forward.” –  March 2013

Bespoke by name bespoke by nature. Steve & Helen listened carefully and directed the ministry to respond to us. They have an incredible capacity to allow people to feel both safe and significant. Ministry – Extremely effective. Many ‘teaching ‘ elements were communicated clearly and concisely. Guided prayer was handled extremely sensitively. I was surprised by the power and emotion that Jesus worked with. Steve & Helen are gifted in helping us open up to him. Would definitely come again and recommend to others!! –  September 2012

Both Helen & Steve were very professional in their approach, they explained in detail their background and bespoke, which gave me a greater understanding of what I was coming into. They were both very sensitive throughout the sessions and made me feel at ease instantly, enabling me to engage more effectively within the sessions. I felt very encouraged throughout the sessions. I really feel they tailored the weekend to meet my and my husband’s needs. It felt like they were both there to serve us fully. Ministry – I found the times very effective. At first I was nervous about what it would entail, however Helen & Steve clearly explained the process throughout my time in a non-threatening manner and took me through each stage. The guided prayer sessions I found extremely powerful and felt it enabled me to meet with Jesus in a new and fresh way, the simple tool has been powerful to help me identify what is in the way of my living in the freedom God intends for my life. I found the true identity and belief being prayed over me very powerful. –  September 2012

I was received in such a loving way I immediately felt at ease and comfortable with Steve & Helen. They both related extremely well with me and my situation allowing communication and understanding to flow well. Ministry – Although the process we went through was difficult and painful it was all necessary to reach the end, which was incredibly effective and believe we now have the tools and equipment to tackle the issues we addressed. –  April 2012

I was welcomed with such kindness any nerves I had disappeared almost immediately. Their commitment to me as a person (and to us as a couple) to help me find a straight path through my issues was so reassuring it meant I felt safe enough to explore some painful areas. Time with Steve & Helen felt like time with Jesus -He just shines out of them especially his love. Ministry – Nearly a week on and I already have found a freedom where previously there had been none. M and I have been much better at recognising old communication habits and as a result replace them with new ways of communicating. This has meant that we have spent much more time on the same side of the line than ever before. I feel we have been equipped with the tools needed to further this. All in all I feel the ministry has been incredibly effective. –  April 2012

“Thank you for helping us in the last 5 days. I’ve finally met with God in a way I’ve longed to all my life. You’ve both being a tremendous help to us” – Couple


They were fantastic. Very honest, open and real whilst at the same time being sensitive and compassionate. They both allowed us to lead and set direction whilst being clear about what we really needed to talk about with them. Ministry – it has been a fantastic time to stop and focus upon what lies ahead of us in marriage. I feel better prepared and clear about how to seek God’s wisdom and guidance for married life together. –  August 2013

They treated us with great professionalism and to a very high standard. They were generous with their time and prayers. They treated us as individuals, not trying to fit us into a mould. They offered wonderful advice and support and I know I will be able to come to Steve & Helen again. Ministry – There has been an amazing freedom in this time. We have been able to break the things that Were holding us back and [are] in a great place to start married life together. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! –  August 2013


“I much appreciate the unassuming way in which you have been able to share the fruits of your gifts and experience, and value and respect you” – University tutor

“Stephen is a man you can trust. As a former lawyer with experience in all aspects of general practice he is well placed to assist in helping fellow lawyers who wish to make sense of and rise above the pressures of life both at home and in the office” – Founder of a substantial Birmingham practice of Solicitors

“In my professional dealings with Stephen I have always found him to be efficient and thorough, with an eye for detail. His advice always demonstrated sound judgement and high levels of professional integrity. On a personal level I have found him to be trustworthy, thoughtful and reliable with a gentle sense of humour and fun” – Leader of ChaplaincyPlus City Lights in Birmingham

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