Marriage & Relationships


Marriage is designed by God to provide each of us with

  • a place of loving security where we are truly accepted, affirmed and encouraged to become all we are intended to be;
  • a place of intimacy the fruit of which is an environment where children can likewise flourish into their uniqueness;


marriage is between two fallible humans who can

  • experience  difficulties which, if not resolved, can lead to separation or worse
  • find themselves overwhelmed by children and life’s pressures
  • feel their relationship has become humdrum and lost its fun
  • be enjoying their present but long for greater intimacy
  • see the value of a ‘marriage MOT’

Bespoke’s Marriage Enrichment is a time to withdraw for some Breakthrough Sessions with Steve & Helen. Ordinarily there would be a 2-hour session as a couple followed by a number of three-hour sessions with each spouse, ending with a final two-hour session as a couple to share with each other the progress made. For more details, see here.

Of course these are Bespoke and tailored to each couple’s requirements.

These times can produce real Breakthrough and Enrichment, as evidenced by the testimonials.



Our ministry also extends to those considering a relationship, engagement or marriage.  Intimacy can be hindered by the clash between each other’s previous experiences and upbringing. Rather than run aground on the difficulties these can cause, Bespoke can help you become aware of potentially hazardous waters, and give you tools so that your relationship is enhanced rather than damaged.  See these testimonials.


Family relationships

God designed us to live in families but many things can complicate our relationships eg a new baby, handicap, elderly parents, serious illness, debt, loss …..

Sometimes it is beneficial to have experienced professionals to help you with the effects of such difficulties. Helen & Steve can work with individuals, couples or any family members to enable your family to become all you want it to be.



 “Thank you for helping us in the last 5 days. I’ve finally met with God in a way I’ve longed to all my life. You’ve both being a tremendous help to us” – JW October 2010



Other testimonials can be found here.

To enable someone less well off receive ministry please support.

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