Outgrowing the Shackles

Several of you have suggested at various times that Helen should write her story. After a painful 5 year process she has written a book of hope called Outgrowing the Shackles which covers her story as a girl and young woman up to meeting Steve in her mid-20s.

Outgrowing the Shackles will be for sale in bookshops, Amazon etc from January 2018 or you can buy a copy from the link below.


  • Dr Lin Button “a book of hope for any reader“;
  • Rev Andy Croft of Soul Survivor “Helen helped me find hope and encouragement that God can work in the most trying of circumstances ….because she herself has lived it“;
  • Rev James Grier of Unlimited “just reading this book is to meet God’s truth in fresh ways“;
  • Rev Canon John Hughes “a beautiful message of hope triumphing over darkness“;
  • Rev Malcolm MacDonald of St Marys “this book gripped me from the start… a story of courage, hope and healing“;
  • Rev Canon David MacInnes “a riveting read … testifying to the reality of healing that is possible”;
  • Nicola Neal of Every Life International “a beautifully written book that both breaks your heart and fills it with hope at the same time“.

To order a copy at the special price of £10.50 plus P&P of £2.80 for 1 copy, please use the following button:

To order 2 copies at the special price of £21.00 plus P&P of £4.50 for 2 copies, please use this button:

To order 3 or more copies, please contact us.

Closer to God

Teaching from Steve & Helen Pollard.
Live at a mini-conference [held at Mill End Baptist church 16 & 17 March 2012] for drawing closer to God, identifying blocks to intimacy, and walking more fully in the life God has for you.


  • Understanding Ourselves – historical & spiritual
  • False & True Identities
  • Thinking & Learned Patterns
  • Prayer aides & Exercises

mp3 format [262 Kb]

PRICE – £15


“I was glad to have listened to the teaching tapes before I came. Very helpful, in that I had heard some of the teaching and felt I knew Steve & Helen” – client JP November 2013



To enable someone less well off receive ministry please support.

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