“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant!”

How to Persevere with a Faith that passes the test of time.

Paul Harcourt, National Leader New Wine, in the Forword quotes Tozer, “Christians don’t tell lies – they just go to church and sing them”. Paul continues, one of the great tragedies of our discipleship is the too frequent gap between our rhetoric and our reality, What Steve shares in this book is rooted in his own testimony, from spending time searching the scripture, and in cooperating with God’s healing and restoring work. This Is hard-won wisdom from someone who has refused to settle for less than God wants us to enjoy. He has gone deep and dug out great nuggets of truth, and I know you will find things here to help you in your own adventure with Jesus.


  • The Rev Canon David Macinnes “an invaluable contribution. Psychological insight combined with careful biblical exposition to give a holistic view of how to grow spiritually“;
  • Rev Andy Croft of Soul Survivor “I commend this thoughtfully written and helpful book to you. Through Steve and Helen’s gentle advice I found Jesus’ incredibly life-giving answers in a very difficult season of life“;
  • Rev James Grier of Unlimited “Steve walks the talk with exceptional faithfulness in life and ministry. His passion is for people to have the skills and insights to take responsibility for their own faith and walk. This is a must for anyone who wants to live fully as a disciple of Christ.
  • Keith Johnson, Business Leader and Coach “the insights and biblical wisdom in this book provide a profound and practical roadmap to live flourishing lives“;
  • Rev David Frederick “a profound vulnerable and heartfelt book to enjoy an healthy inner life, combining common sense, holy truth and hard-learnt life lessons that offer a model of ministering that is enduringly effective and can work for anyone“;


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Outgrowing the Shackles

Several folk suggested that Helen should write her story. After a painful 5 year process her book of hope called Outgrowing the Shackles covering her story as a girl and young woman up to meeting Steve in her mid-20s has been published.


  • Dr Lin Button “a book of hope for any reader“;
  • Rev Andy Croft of Soul Survivor “Helen helped me find hope and encouragement that God can work in the most trying of circumstances ….because she herself has lived it“;
  • Rev James Grier of Unlimited “just reading this book is to meet God’s truth in fresh ways“;
  • Rev Canon John Hughes “a beautiful message of hope triumphing over darkness“;
  • Rev Malcolm MacDonald of St Marys “this book gripped me from the start… a story of courage, hope and healing“;
  • Rev Canon David MacInnes “a riveting read … testifying to the reality of healing that is possible”;
  • Nicola Neal of Every Life International “a beautifully written book that both breaks your heart and fills it with hope at the same time“.

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Closer to God

Teaching from Steve & Helen Pollard.
Live at a mini-conference [held at Mill End Baptist church 16 & 17 March 2012] for drawing closer to God, identifying blocks to intimacy, and walking more fully in the life God has for you.


  • Understanding Ourselves – historical & spiritual
  • False & True Identities
  • Thinking & Learned Patterns
  • Prayer aides & Exercises

mp3 format [262 Kb]

PRICE – £15


“I was glad to have listened to the teaching tapes before I came. Very helpful, in that I had heard some of the teaching and felt I knew Steve & Helen” – client JP November 2013




To enable someone less well off receive ministry please support.

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