About Steve & Helen

Steve and Helen are Life, Business & Executive Coaches  and Helen is a Senior Therapeutic Counsellor. As well as professional expertise we have had personal journeys of major suffering which include childhood trauma, the death of our first child and several encounters with cancer. Helen has had 15 major operations while Steve has suffered a breakdown and loss of his career. Through all this they have learnt to press into God and have found His amazing healing and comfort even in the valley of the shadow.

On a lighter side Steve & Helen enjoy cycling, sailing, walking, riding, reading, films and their wonderful three married children and two grandchildren.

Helen & Steve moved to Devon at the request of a vicar to help him establish a church for non-churched youth. This is a rewarding but challenging voluntary position enabled by their Bespoke work.

Helen Pollard

Helen has over 30 years experience in public, private and charitable sectors. She has run a counselling charity for which she devised courses accredited by the Association of Christian Counsellors, and also trained counsellors. Helen ran a service for three doctors’ surgeries before building a successful private practice in Birmingham working with couples and individuals as an Associate for the National Centre for Eating Disorders, and for Employee Assistance Programmes drawing clients from several national companies. Helen is now building a similar private practice in Devon to support her Bespoke ministry.

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Steve Pollard

Steve has served as an officer in the Royal Navy, built a successful two office law firm and worked in church leadership. Throughout the years he has been involved in coaching, mentoring, discipling, leadership and facilitative organising. He has now formalised that experience by gaining a Diploma in Life, Business and Executive Coaching involving 402 hours of theory and training and is now building a coaching practice to support his Bespoke ministry.

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