Will what I say be kept confidential?

All our sessions with you will be treated as highly confidential in accordance with our Professional Codes of practice. Those Codes require that we keep strictly confidential all information provided by you, except:-

[a]  where encouraged or required by law to disclose to an appropriate authority, including any harm or potential harm you may attempt or desire to do to yourself or to others; reasonable suspicion of physical or sexual abuse that has been done, or is being done, to a minor child; acts of terrorism; human trafficking.

[b] where complying with professional requirements to reflect in supervision on personal work – in such cases we will protect your identity.


Is Bespoke’s practice ethical?

Helen subscribes to the Ethical Framework of the  British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy for her counselling practice.

Steve and Helen subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the  Business and Life Coaching Association of Ireland for their coaching practice.

If you wish Christian prayer to be part of the service you purchase that takes the service outside of  those Codes. In such cases the service falls under the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Bespoke Board. This largely reflects the Code of Ethics and Practice of the  British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, exceptions being those provisions which would exclude Christian prayer and the inappropriately complex provisions relating to complaints.

 What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

The fundamental difference between counselling and coaching is that counselling usually investigates the roots and causes of problems, whereas coaching focuses mainly on the future to encourage personal development and self-improvement.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that counselling/therapy is only for those who are mentally ill. That is not the case. If you are trying to get through challenging circumstances, such as living in an abusive relationship or trying to come to terms with the break up of your relationship, or marriage, or loss of job or child, or any of life’s struggles, then counselling can be a great help.

As a counsellor, Helen helps people:-

  • Gain clarity and perspective of the problems they are facing
  • Find their own solutions to the problems they are facing
  • Have space to be themselves and to be open and honest about they way they truly feel
  • To develop their own self concept so that they are more capable of making their own decisions rather than looking to the ‘so-called’ experts in their lives to tell them what to do.
  • Discover more about themselves and become self aware
  • To accept themselves and accept others
  • To determine what is not working in their lives and support them in relinquishing limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • To put closure on the past
  • To perceive or respond to things differently so they feel able to communicate their feelings to those they love, more effectively
  • Deal with issues from the past that are stopping them from moving forward

What counselling isn’t:-

  • Counselling isn’t about providing solutions or telling you what to do, it is about giving you help andspace to find your own solutions.
  • Counselling is not coaching or mentoring.
  • It is not biased towards certain cultures or traditions

Coaching, on the other hand, helps people to focus on what they really want and then develop a plan of action,  which will ultimately help them attain their goal. Coaching can be deemed to be mentoring, especially when a client seeks the help of a coach to help them turn their business around, or work with staff who are experiencing conflict with one another.

As Life, Business & Executive Coaches Steve & Helen help people to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then eliminate what is not working.  As fallible human beings we all have weaknesses, but all too often, people can become obsessive when they feel they are not coming up to their own expectations.  That is why goal setting is so important in the coaching process.  The client feels in control, even though they may be challenged from time to time by the coach.  Once a client has tackled the obstacles they have put in their way, they become empowered to make the changes needed and attain success in their lives.

As coaches, Steve & Helen have the ability to listen to what the client is really saying and as they reflect back to the client their thoughts and feelings it helps them to gain an insight into what actions could be considered to make the changes needed to attain personal success.  Coaching helps to re-inforce self belief in a client and if the coach is doing their job properly, by the end of the coaching process, a client will walk away feeling like they can tackle or achieve their heart desires!

What coaching isn’t:-

  • It is not counselling
  • It is not about offering solutions or providing answers.  A coach helps and encourages the client to do that for him/herself
  • It does not focus on the past

We hope this will help you choose whether counselling or coaching is the appropriate service for you but one of the purposes of the first session is to help you decide.


What if I have a complaint?

In the first instance we would hope you would talk to Helen or Steve if you have any concerns about the service they have provided. If this does not satisfy you then please look at your contract which will point you to one of three options:

    1. If the service you purchased included prayer it is a Bespoke Service and you must take your complaint to the Bespoke Board.
    2. If your service did not include prayer and was counselling then your complaint should be made under the BACP procedures.
    3. If your service did not include prayer and was coaching then your complaint should be made under LBCAI procedures.


Online Dispute Resolution

All businesses selling goods and services online to consumers in the EU must supply a link to the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform.
This is that link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


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