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“the greatest asset or service that Bespoke offers is the ability to guide believers into freedom and a closer intimacy with God by revealing spiritual strongholds and enabling their removal. This ministry is powerfully transformative for leaders and those with painful or complicated life histories. The Lord uses you to help others to clear emotional and spiritual “hurdles” or barriers that had heretofore been insurmountable. You also excel at coaching people of the Spirit to better recognise His voice and respond to His leading. I would say that your ministry has had a dramatic effect on our church by enabling a number of individuals and couples to take significant new strides forward in areas which they had formerly been stuck. This ministry has been affected largely through your counselling sessions but you’re also taking steps toward developing teaching sessions and seminars.” – TN, Baptist Pastor, Hertfordshire 2012


Services we currently provide for churches include:

3rd level care

One church leader described our role in this way.  His church can provide 1st level care ie prayer and support after a service,  and 2nd level care ie more in-depth pastoral or counselling support. 3rd level care is where the needs are beyond the church’s resources and/or expertise. Bodies to whom the person might be referred possibly do not recognise or cater for the faith dimension. Steve & Helen can provide that level of professional expertise in a way that respects and enhances faith.

Development of ‘leaders’

Key people can be very effective and yet have areas of weakness or of potential growth. Helen & Steve have been used to help such key people find Jesus’ way forward. This has benefited the leaders themselves and also the people they serve.

Appraisal preparation

Before staff have their regular appraisal a church sends them for a session with Helen. This leads to more effective appraisal and staff development.


As church leaders you may feel that your training for the ministry was not commensurate with the level of emotional and mental problems that can come  your way. At such times a telephone or skype call to Bespoke can be very helpful!


Ministry & Leadership can be lonely and pressured. Helen & Steve have a particular heart to support clergy & leaders, providing professional and pastoral expertise; an external, objective but sympathetic ear; an oasis of calm & refreshment; the confidence of knowing you have a ‘safety-net’. Several leaders & clergy also see them periodically  for a ‘time-out’ and recharge.


Guided, silent or with no input. One church leader said, “Heaven is very close” in Rivendell. This is a place of rest, refreshment, redirection as you meet more closely with God.

For those who cannot take time out we can run a Retreat in Daily Life. It is what it says – the retreatant carries on with their normal daily activities but would include a daily time of quiet with God, usually of 30 minutes; they would consciously be ‘on retreat’ as they go about their normal activities, sharing them with God; they would meet with their spiritual director 6 times for a half hour of reflection upon the progress of the retreat. Those meetings can be in person or by skype, once or twice a week depending if the retreat  lasts for 3 or 6 weeks. It is Bespoke, though, so will be made to fit you.


Steve & Helen can teach on

  • Bespoke principles that under-gird the Freedom Breaks  – how the Historical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual aspects of our lives can entrap us, and how to become free;
  • Growing in Intimacy with God;
  • Marriage & Relationships;
  • Communication & Conflict;
  • Our areas of professional expertise including  eating disorders, anxiety, depression, identity, bereavement & loss, addictions, trauma, stress, fear, and many more!


Helen & Steve can train

  • prayer ministers
  • counsellors [1st & 2nd level care)
  •  in boundaries and assertiveness
  • in spiritual direction

Spritual direction

Steve & Helen are trained as  spiritual directors,  [although some prefer the term companion or guide],  Steve to advanced level, and are members of the Spiritual Direction Referral Service of the Diocese of Exeter. Their experience ranges from

the traditional – studies in Ignatian Spirituality and the Ignation Exercises, to

the Charismatic – Father Heart Schools, Glory Schools and Spiritual Warfare.



Other testimonials can be found here.


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