Coaching sessions are Pit-Stops for Progress. Opportunities for you to draw aside from your ‘race through life’ and be resourced to make the Progress you desire.

Our ‘race’ goes through many stages.

  • Our dreams and goals can be crowded out by busyness, responsibilities, life.
  • Change happens,

       by choice –  new career, life partner, venture

       by other’s choice – separation, redundancy, children flee the nest

       by circumstance –recession, accident, illness, win the lottery

     and the natural and unavoidable passage of time affects us all!

  • How did life become so routine?
  • Life is going really well and I want to keep it that way.
  • Opportunity beckons and I want to be able to grasp it.

You are a unique, resourceful and gifted individual. Coaching will help you Progress as, when and how you want. The initial session of 1 hour will help you define your Coaching Alliance with Steve or Helen. There will be further 1 hour Pit-Stops as you agree are best suited to you achieving the Progress you desire.



“Surely our greatest priority in this life is the journey of the transformation of our hearts; to grow in God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ. I know of no better guides and companions for this journey than Steve and Helen Pollard. I for one have been so grateful for their wisdom and insight, given with such care and skill. I greatly value our times together.” – Worship Leader Dave 2012


Other testimonials can be found here.

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