What we offer you & Costs


A Bespoke Service

Our mission is to provide you with what you want for where you are in your journey:

  • The safety of professional expertise with extensive prayer ministry experience.
  • Coaching; counselling.
  • Marriage Enrichment.
  • Development; a way forward.
  • A rest; a time of refreshing; a retreat.
  • Wisdom, insight, listening ears, caring hearts.

We can provide accommodation, which you can read more about in our Rivendell section.

We work with singles, couples, groups, teams, leaders, missionaries and families.

Bespoke Qualities

We have several elements for you to tailor the time to where you are in your journey now, where you want to be next. Whether your walk with God has not yet begun, ranges from Traditional to Charismatic, or you are not interested in Christianity, we are here to help you progress.

An important value to Helen & Steve is their professional eclectic training where they fit the model to the client and not vice versa. However Helen is trained in Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psycho-Dynamic Counselling and is happy to use any of those models if the client prefers.

Our passion is to help you to deepen in the love your Father-God feels for you and to discover and walk into the uniqueness of your God-given design and purpose. If you find something in the way, we will help in its removal, and to help you be equipped to walk into the fullness of life that God has for you.


Bespoke is individually tailored to meet your requirements and needs. Therefore the cost of time with us will vary with each individual, or couple.

The ordinary rate for consulting a professional of our experience would be £55 per hour. Where clients consult both of us the professional rate is reduced from £110ph to £80ph.

Our desire is that all those who want to receive this ministry will be able to access it; however, like everyone else we do have to pay our bills, so realism is needed about our costs.
The proper rate may be possible for you and your faith circle. However, we do not want finance to be a barrier so the Bespoke Board has a Discretionary Assistance Committee to consider a reduction where finance would be a barrier, for example for those on low incomes.

Any appointments attended without the Discretionary Assistance Committee informing us BEFOREHAND that a lower rate has been approved will be charged at the appropriate professional rate.

If Individuals, and Organisations which are not Registered Charities, wish to seek Discretionary Assistance please apply to assistance@bespokepollards.com stating:
1. Name of Individual, or of the Organisation and of its main contact person
2. Address
3. Email
4. Telephone/mobile contact number
5. Bespoke Service required & the cost at the usual rate
6. Reason for reduction and
7. The proposed payment PER HOUR

Each request will be considered by the Assistance Committee who may request further information. The decision of the Assistance Committee is final.

We are confident that we can come to a fair and affordable rate that will work for both of us.

The Bespoke Board allows us to reduce fees for Registered Charities to £45ph where one of us is consulted or £60ph where both of us are consulted.

Payment can be by cash, cheque or bank transfer to
a/c Name – Bespoke Growth in God;
a/c No – 68333900;
sort code – 08 92 50;
Please quote your Invoice number as the reference on your transfer.


Bespoke  seeks to serve

  • those who are in full-time Christian service,
  • those in low remunerative positions,
  • youth, many of whom are NIETs [not in education or training], and
  • to enable Steve & Helen to minister to non-churched youth via Unlimited church.

To help you to help us serve these, we have set up an account with Stewardship, who administer funds for those in full-time ministry. They are able to “gift aid” donations which means your gift is worth an extra 20%.  Please support through Stewardship by following this link.

give to us through stewardship
Our account details are Steve & Helen Pollard account number 20125053.
If you would prefer to support through give.net please follow this link

Give to Steve and Helen via Give.net

On behalf of those who otherwise would struggle unaided, Thank You!

To enable someone less well off receive ministry please support.

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