Marriage Enrichment

When a couple marry they are fully formed! That’s great in many ways but it does mean each spouse brings with them 4 perspectives: a history of their own and their forbears; beliefs about how life works and who they and others are; some wounding – inevitable given the world in which we live; a spirituality.

As they live together they may find some issues between them which are more easily ‘put up with’ rather than faced. After all, new shoes pinch don’t they? The trouble is these pinches don’t wear in; they build up, until finally there is a crunch. It could be passive – the zing seems to have gone from the relationship. It could be active – your spouse seems to be more opponent than helpmeet!


The purpose of MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT is to uncover these issues and recover your relationship.

We start with a joint session where we will look together at your relationship and identify the issues you are concerned about as a couple and as individuals. Over the next 5 days we will meet with one of you in a morning and the other in the afternoon to look at the issues from the 4 perspectives. These are confidential sessions. We do not tell your spouse what you said or did! We then come together in a final joint session where you share with your spouse the journey you have been on through the week.

This last session can be a wonderful re-engagement together, sometimes at a deeper level of intimacy than known before. You may renew your commitment to each other; you may share communion; you hopefully will share how you would like the other to help you walk out the truths you will have discovered.

As one husband wrote, “I’ve never known such effective ministry, seriously. The power of revelation combined with such a depth of Godly tools in an atmosphere of love was such a potent force. Thank you God and thank you Pollards! I’ve never experienced such devotion and love. I love the way it is up to me to listen to God and be a part of the healing process. Not passive but actively engaging and yet in safe hands, guided through.”

To enable someone less well off receive ministry please support.

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