Focus Breaks

One way of accessing your Bespoke service is to have sessions of 1 or 2 hour’s length at weekly or fortnightly intervals. This gives you space between the sessions to reflect and assimilate.


However, Focus Breaks, can be a useful alternative. Especially if you are  not local to Devon, or wish to ‘crack’ an issue.


Your Focus Break would include:

  • an initial 2 hour session to clarify upon what you wish to focus and to agree a plan for the Break;
  • the number of 3 hour sessions you want;

We suggest you do not do more than 6 hours of work per day and that there be space for rest and reflection between sessions.

  • a final session to consolidate and prepare to walk out the progress you have achieved.


There is ample accommodation in the vicintiy of Bradninch but for convenience and economy you may wish to stay in our self-catering Annex.



 SUCH INCREDIBLE CARE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL. I’VE NEVER KNOW SUCH EFFECTIVE MINISTRY, SERIOUSLY. The power of revelation combined with such a depth of Godly tools in an atmosphere of love was such a potent force. Thank you LORD and thank you POLLARDS! I’ve felt so valued, listened to and safe. I’ve never experienced such devotion and love. I love the way it is up to me to listen to God and be a part of the healing process. Not passive but actively engaging and yet in safe hands, guided through. Truly powerful! – client December 2011



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